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401(k) Advisory Services

As an employer and sponsor of a 401(k) plan, your company has a fiduciary duty to its participants. This means you must select the appropriate service provider(s) at a reasonable cost, choose and monitor investments, keep up with the new legislative changes, ensure your plan is administered properly, and educate and inform plan participants. OpenCircle Wealth Partners is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm which means we work exclusively for you. We're not a company selling investment products. We provide full disclosure of all fees received and do not “sell” any products or receive any commissions. We are fully independent in making our recommendations to you and your employees. We accept full fiduciary status under ERISA Section 3(38) as advisor to your plan.

Plan Benchmarking

Plan sponsors face intense scrutiny by Congress and the Department of Labor over real or suspected ERISA violations. Failure to manage this risk is costly, and employee litigation is on the rise. OpenCircle Wealth Partners provides detailed 401(k) plan benchmarking services that enable plan providers to measure both plan fees and performance compared to other plan providers. We can quickly validate your decision to remain with your current provider or uncover justification to move to an alternative provider.

Investment Management & Analysis

Our process is driven by decades of investment experience and our fiduciary duty to remain independent from any fund provider. We will apply robust investment analysis and industry leading technology and systems to produce the best outcomes for your employees. Typical retirement plans can be overwhelming with confusing lists of fund choices and investment alternatives. When you partner with OpenCircle Wealth Partners, we educate your employees through group and individual meetings. We provide your participants with clear, appropriately diversified, professionally managed portfolios, and personalized, one-on-one investment advice.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Surprisingly, many companies do not understand their fiduciary responsibilities under ERISA. We provide specific direction on how to guard against troublesome and costly fiduciary liabilities. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we become your co-fiduciary to the retirement plan as it relates to the selection and monitoring of investments. Our fees are fully-disclosed based on a percentage of the assets in your plan, not on which individual funds we recommend to your participating employees. The funds we select for you are the ones that will help your participants reach their goals.

We bring simplicity, full disclosure, and lower costs to your retirement plan. Our straightforward service model focuses on helping plan sponsors and participants make smart, informed decisions. We help your retirement plan participants achieve their financial goals, and as your legal co-fidicuary we will always act in your best interests – no matter what.

Why work with us?

Lower plan costs for you and your employees

Provide better investment choices

Improve participant education

Reduce fiduciary liability

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