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We listen to you and your family to understand your unique situation–your opportunities, your challenges, and your hopes and dreams for the future. We explore every aspect of your financial picture, help you create your own customized plan, and provide ongoing guidance.

OpenCircle Wealth Partners offers fee-only strategic wealth management services. In addition to managing your investment portfolio, we provide ongoing client support whenever you need us. Did an important change in your life just happen? If so, it may be the best time to speak with us.


Retirement is a long and varied life phase, not just a single date on the calendar. You might go through stages of semi-retirement or take on new challenges after leaving full-time employment. We’ll help you get where you want to be. 

The ultimate financial question in retirement is “Do I have enough?” We will look at this question from many angles so you understand exactly where you are. OpenCircle Wealth Partners will help you discuss long-term care, wealth transfer, asset management, and other financial challenges that become more relevant as retirement approaches and begins. We can also help families with college planning, caring for elderly parents, and other family matters.


Separating from your spouse is an intensely stressful experience. On top of heightened emotions, the dissolution of a marriage typically leads to difficult decisions involving children, the home, and other assets. It may also have important implications for estate planning, business ownership, and cash flow planning.

OpenCircle Wealth Partners will help you understand the realities of your situation and how to act in the best interest of yourself and your family. These decisions often involve legal, tax and investment issues. We will work with other trusted advisors so that all decisions are made with a complete understanding of options and their consequences.


Losing a spouse can be emotionally overwhelming. With our unique background in behavioral medicine and wealth advising, we can help arrange grief counseling as needed. For the financial aspects of your life, our goal is to reduce any feelings of uncertainty and stress you may feel.

Financially speaking, you may fear running out of money and how to make good financial decisions for the future. We will help you understand where you are financially and make decisions that protect and capitalize your resources going forward. No matter how thorough your preparations may have been we know you will have questions and we will be ready to discuss them whenever you need.


The sale of your business is a major milestone for the owner, buyer, employees and your family. We work closely with entrepreneurs and business owners to ensure that they make sale-related decisions with the best possible information.

OpenCircle Wealth Partners provides the financial analysis and counsel you need to protect your financial interests throughout and after the sale. Valuing the business is crucial for the sale, but is only one of many elements involved.

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